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Sunday, 4 August 2013

VitaBella Anti Aging Face Mask

Vitabella Anti Aging Face Mask

When July's Birchbox came this was one of the products that most intrigued me. It is a little bottle of face mask which you pour onto  the cloth disc in the wrapper. This then expands and opens into a face mask which you leave on your face for 10 minutes.

To be completely honest, I had never heard of Vitabella before, so did a little digging to find out about them. Vitabella combine natural aloe vera and active  natural ingredients,to reduce  the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitabella face mask contains;- natural Aloe Vera gel (for soothing and anti-inflammatory effects) Argan oil (to help repair and protect skin) Hyaluronic acid (for intensely moisturising properties) Hibiscus seed proteins (exfoliate and soften) and wheat germ oil (reduces skin drying).

Sounds impressive right? but does it deliver? I can honestly say this is one of the nicest masks I have ever used. I was worried that the actual mask would be flimsy and difficult to apply. Not so. Although you may look like an extra from a horror film. It is a breeze to apply.

The mask itself felt lovely and cooling whilst it was on. Really refreshing on a hot summer's day. There is no mess to rinse off afterwards and any moisture left on your skin can simply be massaged in. I was sceptical about Vitabella's anti aging claims, but my fine lines were definitely reduced by this mask. My skin looked absolutely fantastic after using this. However, much as I loved using this mask and the results it gave £59 for 4 masks is just beyond my price range.

This is what I love about Birchbox. It allows you to sample products that you may not have heard of. Ok, so maybe I can't afford to repurchase it (sob), but it was absolute treat that I would not otherwise had the opportunity to try.  

Were you lucky enough to get this in your birchbox? What did you think to the mask?

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