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Friday, 2 August 2013

Balmi Blackcurrant Lip Balm.

Balmi Blackcurrant Lip Balm.
This is one of the products I received in my first ever Birchbox (or Jolie box as it was) nearly two years ago. The original was used up ages ago and I have tried other fragrances but this has always been my favourite. Sadly it is the hardest to get hold of. When it finally came back into stock in the birchbox shop I had to have it.
 This smells amazing. It's light and fruity, and smells like blackcurrant jelly. The Balmi Lip Balm is so moisturising without feeling heavy or oily. It is also really long lasting, so you don't end up applying it constantly. I like that it contains SPF too.
 The packaging is oh so cute. Some of the other Balmi lip balms now come in a square pot, but I like this style of packaging better. There is just something a little aesthetically pleasing about a rounded pot. There is a little key ring attachment if you so desire, but that would risk it being left somewhere where the kids can see it. I prefer a little pot which you apply directly to your lips rather than using fingers. Less mess and more hygienic (until your kids get their grubby mitts on it).
This really is a lovely product to use, and was oh so worth waiting for.