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Monday, 19 August 2013

Headline Nail Polish in Spotlight

Headline Nail Polish in Spotlight
When I saw this colour nail polish in the Beauteco boxes a little while ago, I knew that the box containing this would have to be mine. Headline colors was not a brand I was overly familiar with until they started popping up in a couple of the beauty boxes.
Headline colors nail polishes have formulas which are free from the big 3 (Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde). It claims to give polished nails the flex they need to resist chipping, cracking and flaking. These nail polishes sell for £9 each at and they say they have free online delivery for all UK deliveries at the time of writing this blog.
So what did I think?
I love the colour of this nail polish, but I am sure that you already guessed that. Spotlight is such a pretty metallic colour. I am afraid that my photo does not do it justice. The formula is a little thinner than others that I have tried, but that isn't really a problem. It applies nicely. It does need 2 coats to even out the colour, but that is true of most nail polishes. Because it's formula is free of the big 3 it does take a little longer to dry and also to harden. Again I have found this to be the case with most formulas that are free of the big 3, and I don't feel that it is any longer drying than other comparable polishes.
This lasted 2 days on my nails which is really good going for me. My nails are so weak, nail polish just does not stay chip free on me for long. It might not be the cheapest nail polish around, but it is good quality and therefore good value for money. I really like this polish and will buy other colours from their range in the future.
Have you had any of their polishes in your beauty boxes. What colour did you get?

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