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Sunday, 30 June 2013


                                                  Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips.

Please don't let the odd name of this product put you off in any way. The name originally came from it's use as a balm used by breastfeeding mothers  to ease sore cracked nipples. It really is the best lip I have ever used. It is absolutely amazing, I so wish I had discovered it earlier, but Winter 2013 I am ready for you.
Dr Lipp nipple balm for lips is a completely natural product made from medical grade lanolin. It can be used on dry skin conditions, eczema, burns, to add gloss to eyelids, and highlight cheek bones. For me, I use it as a lip balm, and what a mighty fine one it is.
A little goes a long way, no one likes an oil slick on their lips. It is deeply hydrating and it stays put forever. Applied before bed it gives wonderfully soft and nourished lips by morning. It has virtually no scent at all, and is colourless. It comes in a 15ml tube, so is easy to stick in your bag. I think I have found my holy grail lip care product.

Saturday, 29 June 2013


                                                                  June 2013 Empties.


  I have amassed a huge amount of beauty products and I seriously need to start using things up, especially the mountain of sample sizes I seem to have. This has been a month where I seem to have done really well using things up.

 Taaj crème mains delhicates (handcream). This was a full size 75ml tube. It has a lovely subtle cinnamon scent. It is a very rich cream, so only need a very small amount to get lovely smooth soft hands. Really liked this a lot. Have loads of hand creams to use, so wont be buying just yet.

 Boots No7 Radiance Revealed Exfoliator 15ml sample. I have had this lurking in my drawer for ever. I wish I had of used it sooner as it is wonderful. Very effective, but gentle at the same time. Will definitely be buying soon especially since the No7 skincare vouchers are doing the rounds again.

 Natio Intensive Moisturising Night Cream 20ml sample. This is from a Natio set I got at Christmas. I have really enjoyed using this. It is as the name states an intensive moisturiser so may be a bit heavy for oilier skins, but for my dry combination skin this has worked a treat. Again I have a huge pileof moisturisers to use up before I buy anything else.

  Espa Energising Shower Gel  50ml. This is certainly not for the faint hearted, and was a bit too overpowering for me. It smells very strongly of lemongrass. I think I will pass on this one.

 The Body Shop Almond Body Butter 200ml. I love The Body Shop, and I love the smell of almonds. This is a win win product for me. The Body Shop body butters are very thick and rich, and are perfect for my dry legs. I already have back up body butters as they are pretty much a staple product.

  Champneys Spa Indulgence  Distant Shores Shower mousse. This smells absolutely beautiful. It has a light fruity fragrance which I adore. However I am not so impressed with the mousse formula. It really does get used up very quickly, and for that reason I wouldn't buy it again. If Champneys did this in a shower gel, that would be a different matter.

  Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correcting Lotion SPF 15 (15ml). This is moisturiser has a very light texture, meaning that it is very easily absorbed. Don't be fooled though it is a very effective moisturiser, and I have really enjoyed using this.

  Lancôme Hydrazen Neurocalm SPF 15 (15mls). This is another favourite product and I always have some of this floating about. It is a good all round staple moisturiser.

  Lancôme Genifique yeux 15ml. I love the genifique range. Yes its pricey, but it's good. This is a very rich eye cream and has lasted me for about 4 months using both morning and night.

  Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel 75ml. This is a lovely rich gel that you massage onto your dry face and then turns into oil, and then a cleansing milk when water is applied. Super gentle, and yet super effective. Really like this a lot. Defenitely on my wish list.

 Lancôme galateis and tonique doucher 125mls each. These are part of my staple skincare routine. I have used these religiously for about 18 month and they have made such a difference to my skin. I love the sweet clean smell of them. Have several back ups.

 Last but not least Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara. This was a Christmas gift too. I love the Hypnose mascaras. They give such definition and volume, without looking glaringly fake.. However I prefer the Hypnose drama and that will be my next purchase.


                                                               June 2013 Glossybox.

I am a bit late posting this one, seeing as it is almost be time for July's subscription to be taken. Never mind, better late than never. The theme of this months box is summer looks. Some of the products I really enjoyed, others are somewhat of a disappointment. That is the thing with the beauty boxes, there really are no guarantees.
Firstly a tiny sample of the fragrance Boss Jour by Hugo Boss. The fragrance itself is sweet and light and very summery. It's ok, but I wont be buying it. I always feel a bit peeved by these samples as you can get most of them free from a department store anyway. Hey ho, you cant win them all.
A full size Figs & Rouge lip balm in Coco Rose. I so wanted to like this. I have some hand cream from the same range and I really like it. This sadly was a let down. It is the most unflattering pasty pink shade ever, and worse still it feels grainy. A big fat resounding yuck.
Moving swiftly on to the next item. Sarah Chapman Skin Kinesis Intensive Hydrating Booster. This was a decent 5ml size in a pump applicator. To be honest I hadn't heard of this before, but after a quick google I soon realised that this has some rave reviews and was not to be sniffed at. I have been using this at night after cleansing and before my moisturiser. A little goes a long way, and after 10 days I am just coming to the end of the sample. This product is lovely. It is really hydrating without being heavy or sticky. My skin is certainly happy with this little gem. Not sure if I would buy this as I love my genifique too much.
The nail polish is by Mememe Cosmetics, and although the colour itself isn't to my taste I am impressed with the actual product. It gives a lovely even coat, it is long lasting and generally very good value for money. In my humble opinion it rivals much more expensive nail varnishes and I will certainly be buying other colours from their range.
Lastly a grey eye pencil by Helen E Cosmetics. Again the colour isn't quite to my taste. My inner rock chick craves darker colours, and this is a tad too light for me. However this is a lovely product. It glides on, it doesn't pull or drag like some eye pencils do. It has good staying power too. I would certainly buy it in other colours, there is purple eye pencil that I rather fancy.
Overall I am pleased with this months glossybox. Not convinced that it is a very summery theme, some product seem more wintery to me, but that is just by the by. I think with the beauty boxes you have to have an open mind. I might not necessarily have chosen specific shades but it has given me a feel for new brands and this can only be a good thing. It is very easy to get stuck in a rut with a beauty regime and I find this a good way of testing the water and trying new products without spending a fortune.


                                     OPI MATTE NAIL ENVY NAIL STRENGTHENER.


     My nails were in desperate need of some TLC. In all fairness they take a lot of abuse. My hands are washed countless times a day, at work, doing the pots etc. It has all taken it's toll and left my nails weak and flaking and generally feeling sorry for themselves.

OPI's matte nail envy was recommended to me by a friend. It comes in a generous 15ml size. On the first day you apply two coats to your nails and then one coat every other day. After seven days you remove it all and start again.

Matte nail envy doesn't give a true matte finish, but it does give a lovely natural finish -  like you have buffed your nails. I can honestly say this has made a big difference to my nails. In just two weeks they are considerably stronger, and the flaking has gone. I have to say I was sceptical at first, but I am now converted. I will be buying this again, although from amazon as it is considerably cheaper on there.                                                 

Friday, 28 June 2013

Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash

                                                        Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash,

 I have a serious bug bear with my skin. Those pesky dark circles under my eyes that just refuse to disappear. I have tried endless creams and potions in my never ending mission to banish them.
Recently I have started using Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash which claims to make tired eyes look brighter and reduce shadow and puffiness. It contains rose petals, lily and white tea extract to moisturise the under eye area and chase away fine lines.
I love Clarins. I have always found their skin care to be really good products, that are very effective at doing what they claim to do. I have been using the eye revive for about 3 weeks now and am pleased with my initial findings.
 It is a rich cream which is quickly absorbed into the skin. There is no greasy residue and so make up can be applied soon afterwards. The skin under my eyes is definitely brighter. I don't for a second expect any cream to erase the effects of working permanent nights has had on my dark circles, but I am pleased with the improvement so far. In my humble opinion this is one product that is worth the money 

Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara

                                         Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara  


  This mascara is another goodie from a beauty box - this time from glossybox. At the time
I had seen a spoiler for the box and knew some were getting a sample of the Givenchy noir couture mascara. I have to admit that initially I was a little disappointed to have got the fairy lashes mascara instead.


  However, that was until I tried it. The wand is medium sized and feels soft. I really hate wands that are hard and scratchy. This is a water resistant formula. Fairy lashes gives good coverage which adds both volume and length, it doesn't clump and it has amazing staying power. So much so, that it is virtually intact after a 13 hour night shift. It  leaves your lashes really soft to the touch. Seriously impressive stuff. Be warned though, you will need a decent makeup remover to get it off.

  Fairy Lashes sells for £15 on




  This is the star item that came in my June 2013 Birchbox. It is a multi purpose leave in conditioner by beauty protector. This is a 100% vegan product which is paraben and sulphate free. The protect & detangler has an impressive array of uses. It can be used as an instant detangler, thermal and UV protector, to seal cuticles, smooth hair, lock in colour and to add shine. It is applied to damp hair.

 The product itself smells wonderful - a rich vanilla scent that stays in your hair all day. It is so effective, it was an absolute breeze brushing my hair out afterwards. My hair was super shiny, soft and much more manageable. It also tamed my little girl's tangled mess which is no mean feat. Anything with thermal and UV protection is an added bonus, we all like a good multi-tasker. I really am impressed this product and can see it becoming a staple product

 I have ordered the full size and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. The full size costs £15, which isn't cheap. However it is such a fine mist and you only need a tiny amount I think it will last a good while. The Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave in Conditioner is exclusively available at

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Amie New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish

                                             Amie New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Skin Polish    
At first glance this may look like a cheap and cheerful product for teenagers. However appearnaces are deceptive. The brand Amie was the brain child of a former Estee Lauder executive and a leading dermatologist from the London Cadogan Clinic. The result is a natural product range which caters for sensitive skin prone to breakouts, redness, dryness and oiliness. All bases are covered by effective, affordable products. The exfoliating skin polish retails at very purse friendly £4.95.
I have been using this twice a week for roughly 3 weeks and am really impressed. It contains mango seed butter, orange blossom and bamboo beads and is ph balanced and soap free. It smells absolutely delicious - a light fruity fragrance. The polish itself is rich and gentle, but super effective. I can honestly say it has improved the appearance of my skin, making it softer and more radiant. I will definitely be buying this again, and am already eyeing up the spring clean cooling clay mask.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nyx LSS Round Lipstick in Chic Red.


There is something about red lipstick that makes me go weak at the knees. Some might think of red lipstick as being a winter colour, but in my humble opinion red lipstick is for life not just for Christmas. It is always my go to item when I want something to perk me up.

One of my favourite red lipsticks is a fairly recent discovery. Nyx  LSS round lipstick comes in a wide array of colours and is very reasonably priced at just £3.50. Chic red is what I would describe as a classic red. It is just perfect for my pale skin. It glides on the lips without any of that nasty pulling or tugging and it has good staying power.
                                                             Here is the swatch

 There is no denying it's a feisty little number. To my mind that is how it should be, bold and proud. It is everything I want from a statement red lip.

All the lipsticks I have had from the round lipstick collection have been good quality, but chic red will always have a special place in my heart. I feel it is also worth mentioning how impressed I have been with their delivery service too. A text and an e-mail with a 2 hour delivery slot that the driver actually sticks to. My parcel of goodies has always been handed to me in a timely fashion, none of that chucking it over the back gate or leaving it on the doorstep. Nyx LSS round lipstick in chic red can be bought on line at


June 2013 Amarya box.

I have to say I am very impressed with Amarya beauty boxes. I think this is maybe my fourth box from them, and I have always received generous sized samples and full products of lovely products. In fact I think one or two of the other beauty boxes could learn a think or two from the lovely people at Amarya.
So, what goodies did I receive?
 A generous 15 ml sample of Ren satin perfection bb cream SPF 15 in light-medium. I have struggled with bb creams, even ones that claim to be for pale skin are too dark or too orange for me. The I have been tangoed look flatters no-one. I have to say this is fantastic, it adapts to your skin tone - yes even my pasty face. It has a light fruity smell, applies beautifully and gives good coverage. I will definitely be buying this.

  Gielly Green repair shampoo. Another decent sized sample of 50mls. I have long baby fine hair, and suffer dreadfully with split ends. It smells gorgeous, gives a good lather and most importantly gives incredible results even after just one wash. My hair was soft, had real shine and even volume. I am hooked. I need not only the shampoo but the conditioner too.

 Oxygen  hand & body crème. This doesn't specify volume but I would guess at 30mls. I would use this as a hand cream. It has a lovely rich vanilla fragrance, it is deeply moisturising without being at all greasy. I get through so much hand cream. The dinky little bottle is perfect to stick in my uniform pocket and the bottle can be refilled (added bonus).

  Finally a 20ml sample of Green People sun lotion in SPF 25 providing UVB and UVA protection in a water resistant formula. I've tried a little smidge of this on the back of my hand. It is fragrance free, doesn't feel heavy or slippery like some sun creams. I like that the sample came in a screw lid tube that can easily go in my handbag.

  Overall I am super pleased with this box, although I feel it is going to cost me with the Ren, Gielly Green and Oxygen products all going on my wish lists. For me the purpose of  a beauty box is to be introduced to brands that I might not of tried otherwise. I feel that Amarya does a fantastic job of this. I have always received well chosen samples that are big enough to properly try before I buy the full size.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser

Estee Lauder's Nutritious is the brands latest release. Being a sucker for skin care I had to give it a whirl. I have numerous facial cleansers, but this one can also be used as a face mask. This is how I justified the £22 splurge to myself.
The nutritious range aims to create a post exercise glow using an infusion of pomegranate nectar and anti-oxidant. The claim is that it detoxifies, neutralizes and infuses the skin with moisture, energy and more.
The radiant vitality 2-in-1 foam cleanser can be used morning and night as a foaming cleanser, or as a deep purifying treatment by massaging over dry skin and leaving for 5 minutes.
So, is it any good? Is it worth the splurge?
Yes is the simple answer, it's lovely. I have only had chance to use it as a foam cleanser, but I am impressed. It has a light fruity scent, and feels thick and creamy on the skin. Not in the slightest bit drying and that is something I have found with foam cleansers in the past. Yes, I felt my skin looked brighter and more radiant, so I do feel justified in the price. I cant wait to try the cleanser as a face mask.
Other items in the range include nutritious vita-mineral 2 step treatment, vita-mineral infusing eye gel, vita-mineral moisture crème, radiant vitality lotion and radiant vitality essence oil. For now I have my beady eye on the moisture crème. As far as I can tell the nutritious range is only available on the website

Thursday, 6 June 2013

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May 2013 Empties

The end of the month always brings the collection of products used in that particular month. They have always been something I have enjoyed reading on other people's beauty blogs. After all how can you really be sure of a product if it has only been tested a few times. I feel this is especially true of facial skincare products, which seem great to begin with but then break you out a week down the line.
First off is Ted Baker's body soufflé and bath foam. This was part of a Christmas gift set and I love these products. The fragrance is quite sweet, so perhaps not to everyone's taste. The body soufflé was very moisturising, even on my dry skin. My skin felt moisturised all day and I could still smell the fragrance at the end of the day . The bath foam  I wasn't quite so impressed with. Obviously I liked the fragrance but felt that the bubbles didn't last very long.
I have lots of little samples knocking about and am slowly working my way through them, Natio's gentle foaming cleanser was a fairly decent sample of 50mls. It took me just over a week to get through this and will be buying the full size. This is a very gentle cleanser. Although it doesn't lather up as much as others, it didn't leave my skin feeling tight. It definitely made my skin look brighter too.
Clinique liquid facial soap has been a staple product for the past year. I love it. Doesn't dry my skin, lathers well, lasts for ages and generally does what it says on the bottle.
Clarins hand and nail treatment and foot beauty treatment cream are also old favourites. These two are again from a Christmas set. They are both lovely thick creams, that are easily absorbed without being too heavy or greasy.
Finally onto hair care. I have finally finished Aussie's 3 minute miracle luscious long deep treatment. I have to say I was hoping for more with this one. I can't say I was knocked down with the results. It was okay, but nothing special. I was hoping that something especially for long hair would do more for my split ends, sadly this was not the case. Usually I get the 3 minute miracle reconstruction and this is what I will be going back to.
I must confess that I don't really like hairspray. I find the smell so overpowering that it usually puts me off. Having said that Loreal's Elnett is the one hairspray I tend to have stashed away. I do like the hold this gives, and that it is always easy to brush out. Just wish the smell wasn't so strong.