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Thursday, 15 August 2013

L'Occitane A L'huile Essentielle Et Eau D'Angelique Bio

L'Occitane A L'Huile Essentielle Et Eau D'Angelique Bio
I seem to have have amassed quite a collection of various samples that I need to use up. I bet quite a few others are in the same boat too. Now that I have almost come to the end of this little pot I thought I would share my thoughts on it.
I really like L'Occitance's ethos of  sourcing natural products, in a way which respects and promotes the environment in addition to the welfare of it's workers. L'Occitane is actively working towards removing parabens, uses natural plant oils as opposed to mineral oils, and limits their use of silicones.
L'Occitane a l'huile essentielle et eau d'angelique bio uses angelica essential oil and angelica water to hydrate the skin, improve elasticity and promote radiance. The full size of 50ml sells for £30 and is intended for dry to normal skin.
So that's the blurb. What do I really think? Apart from it being a long winded name, I really liked this mosituriser. It suited my skin perfectly. It's beautifully light in texture and scent, is absorbed quickly and without any greasy residue. My skin definitely looks in better condition for using this, and I am quite sad my sample is nearly used up. I feel that it has given my skin a real boost, and a healthy glow. Yes it's not the cheapest of products, but I think it is a fair price considering the quality of ingredients it contains and L'Occitane's ethical policies and commitments. This certainly gives other high end moisturisers I have used a run for their money, and the fact it is a more natural product is an added bonus.
Would I buy the full size? I have a few other samples to use first, but yes it is defenitely on my wish list. I am really looking forward to exploring L'Occitane more in the future.

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