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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Love Lula Beauty Box September 2013

   Love Lula Beauty Box September 2013
Today saw the arrival Of My Love Lula Beauty Box. This is the first box since Love Lula have changed over from Amarya, so I have been really looking forward to finding out how they would compare. For those of you that are new to Love Lula they have a website which sells organic beauty products and also offer a monthly beauty box subscription box. I really look forward to the delivery of this as I have been introduced to some fantastic products. It is always the first of my beauty boxes to arrive. This month i got 5 samples, although quite often there has been a full size in previous boxes.
So what did I get?
A 50ml sample of Ila bath soak for pure relaxation. This smells heavenly and I can't wait to try this tonight. Full size of 150mls retails for £9.60.
A 50ml sample of Ila Body Lotion for Nuturing Skin, again full size of 150mls retails for £9.60. I have to say I am not sure about the fragrance of this - it is a bit strong for me. It says it contains apricot and rose geranium but smells more like lemongrass to me. I had a quick try on my skin and it does feel nice and moisturising it's just very strong.
A 10ml sample of  S5 purity serum. As this is marketed for blemish prone skin it is something I probably get much use out of, I am veryt fortunate to have clear skin. However, I have friends that rave about this serum and I know a couple of stockists sold out of this really quickly. If your skin is causing you problems this is worth a look. Full size of 30mls sells for £44, 10mls is a very decent sized sample and would probably last 2 months of daily use.
A sample of Oxygen Purifying Honey Masque (doesn't say how big). Aswell as being purifying this is also designed to hydrate and repair the skin. I am looking forward to trying this as my skin does air on the dry side. Have previous had a sample of Oxygen's hand cream and that was lovely too. Full size 200mls sells for £19.95.
A 4ml sachet of Evolve Perfect Radiance Facial Polish. This contains acaiand Brazilain Acerola. Sounds good, am happy to give it a whirl. Full size of 100mls costs £12.99.
Overall thought. I am pleased with this box, I think there is a nice selection of products and I really do like exploring new brands. Unless you live in a big city, it can be quite hard to access a large number of organic products in particular. This is a nice way of sampling new products, wihout breaking the bank in the process. There is of course the added bonus of being able to buy from Love Lula's online shop and the added incentive of a code for 20% off the featured brands. You can find all the above and many other fantasic brands at


  1. The ila bath soak sounds to die for, I'd love to try that out! I've not heard of Love Lula before!

    Demi | Kiss & Makeup