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Monday, 2 September 2013

Dr Renaud Raspberry Cleansing Water

Dr Renaud Raspberry Cleansing Water.
Like many of you I have amassed a huge amount of products and samples and I am steadily working my way through them. I feel I need to use up more of the things I aready have before I can justify buying more. That's the theory, but in practice it's so easy to be tempted when there are gorgeous new products being released all the time.
Dr Renaud has been hiding in the bottom of my skin care box for quite a while. This cleansing water is actually a micellair water and is marketed as a product which removes make up, and cleanses and tones in one. The bottle says it is part of the hydrating care range.
 The brand Docteur Renaud was orinally founded in 1947. It is now part of the Nuxe Group, which own impressive brands such as Nuxe and Bio Beauté.  It's products are made with active ingredients taken from fruits, vegetables and flowers. The raspberry has been chosen because of it's refreshing and moisturising properties. Dr Renaud state that this is a gentle cleanser which preserves the  hydrolipidic film (the skin's natural protective barrier which maintains moisture and suppleness and prevents entry of germs, etc). It contains hyaluronic acid for it's ability to bind moistue and maintain elasticity. It is also alcohol free. I must point out that this does actually contain parabens.
So what do I think? This smells lovely, and has been really cooling in Summer. It reminds me of those pink refresher sweets. It is fantastic at removing eye make up. It easily removed a clinique waterproof mascara that my Bioderma struggles with, so for that I am pleased with this product. However on my skin I find it too drying to use alone (for reference my skin does tend to air on the dry side), so have been using it after a cleanser. As this is marketed as hydrating care, and given the ingredients I was a little disappointed with that. I think that if you have oily skin however it will probably suit you perfectly.
I have enjoyed using this, as it is quite refreshing. It sells for £15.95 for 250mls and is available from


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