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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Protect Your Lovely Hands by Yes Nurse.

                                            Protect Your Lovely Hands by Yes Nurse.


 As a nurse it is only fitting I review Protect Your Lovely Hands hand cream by Yes Nurse.
I currently work as a community nurse and am out and about seeing patients in their homes. Like all nurses, it feels like I am constantly washing my hands, or using horrid nasty alcohol gel. As a result they are dry, cracked, prone to dermatitis and generally in a bad way. I get through endless tubes of hand cream and am obsessed with the stuff.
Protect your lovely hands is a thick emollient which contains manuka honey. It is an intensive moisturising formula and they do recommend massaging only a peas sized amount into your skin for 30 seconds. Despite how thick the cream is, it is very easily absorbed, and it is super moisturising with long lasting effects. It acts like a barrier cream. I cant tell you how important that is when you wash your hands as often as I do.  After a fortnight of using this my dermatitis is significantly improved and my hands feel softer. I like the slim line tube as it fits nicely into my uniform pocket. This is good, in fact it is very good stuff and I will certainly be buying more of it. Well done those lovely people at Yes Nurse.

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