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Monday, 1 July 2013

Estee Lauder Pefectly Cean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser.

                                    Estee Lauder Perfectly Splash Away Clean Foaming Cleanser.

I must admit I am rather partial to a foaming cleanser, and this one I have bought on several occasions. I think this is probably my third or fourth tube of the stuff. I know Estee Lauder isn't cheap, but their skincare products really are good. I strongly believe that investing in a good skin care regime pays dividends as it is the very foundation on which everything else is built on.
This is a very luxurious foaming cleanser. You only need the tiniest amount to create the richest lather. It is highly effective and really does leave my skin feeling squeaky clean without any dryness at all. For that reason I think it is fairly cost effective as the tube lasts for ages. If a product needs a huge application to produce results it is a false economy. The cleanser itself has a light fresh scent which feels very clean.

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