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Saturday, 27 July 2013

July 2013 Empties.

                                                              July 2013 Empties.


  I really can't believe we are more than half way through the year, where has it all gone? July has been quite a busy month for me. The end of the school term for the kids, a family holiday and a new job on the horizon. After 10 years of working permanent night shifts I will be re-joining the land of the living and starting work in the daytime.

  I am really trying to use up products that I have had lurking about for ages as well as the numerous samples I seem to have amassed. In August I am setting myself a month long spending ban so that I can concentrate on enjoying the products I already have.In particular need of using up were the things I keep in my travel bag, as they always seem to slip my mind.

 Boots Essential Nail Polish Remover isn't  a particularly glamorous start to this month's empties, but we have to start some where. This is a cheap and cheerful product. It's effective at removing my polish and doesn't smell too horrendous. Will repurchase in the future.

 Natio Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser features in an earlier empties post so I won't dwell too much on this. I like this a lot and once I have used up my samples I will repurchase the full size.

 Lancôme Hypnose Mascara is my all time favourite mascara. I always have one of these in reserve. It gives length and volume and makes my puny eye lashes look fantastic. It is an amazing mascara and I love it dearly.

 Lancôme Genifique is my favourite serum. It does wonders for my skin, it softens and brightens my skin. Have never found anything quite like it and have two bottles to use up before I can allow mself to buy the new advanced formula.

 MOA The Green Balm is the tiny little pot. It can be used for multiple purposes. I have had a really annoying flare up of eczema between my fingers and on my wrists and this has cleared it up nicely. It has also worked wonders on the grazes and scuffed knees of my boys. This tiny little pot went on for ages and I have bought a replacement.

Natio Clay and Plant Face Mask Purifier is another sample that I have really enjoyed using. This is a lovely clay mask. It isn't too drying, and doesn't set like concrete so is actually quite comfortable to have on your face. My skin is definitely clearer and brighter after using this. I have a few other face masks to use first, but will buy this again.

Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover is something that I have had stashed in the bottom of a drawer for ever. This is the older formula, and I really liked it. Good value for money, removed my eye makeup easily and didn't leave that nasty oil slick that some removers leave behind. Botanics have since changed the formula and rumour has it that the new and improved isn't as good. I don't think I will buy it because of that.
Umberto Giannini Intense Beauty Conditioner is a mini I have had in my travel bag for ever hence it's very battered appearance. This conditioner was ok, but it wasn't anything special. I also think the full size is over priced for the decidedly average results it gave. Will not repurchase.
Umberto Giannini Dazzling Shine Shampoo gave slightly better results, but still nothing particularly impressive. Another item I won't be buying again.
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is another of my all time favourite beauty products. A dab under foundation gives the most amazing radiance and really is a fantastic primer. My favourite use for this is as a face mask, as it really brightens my skin. Already have another of these in reserve.
Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream featured in last months empties so again I won't dwell too much on this. I really do like this moisturiser and have a full size replacement ready.

Osmo Blinding Shine Shampoo seemed to go on for ever. I bought this after using an intense hair mask from the same range and being impressed. Sadly this didn't live up to expectations. My hair wasn't noticeably shinier for using this, so won't be repurchasing.
The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream is another favourite product. This really does do wonders for my hands. It is soothes, calms and moisturises. This is what I reach for when my hands are really chapped and sore, and it soon sorts them out.
The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter was part of a hand care set I got for my birthday. I like the hemp hand cream, but am not convinced on it as a body butter. Yes it is wonderfully moisturising, but I find the scent too much all over the body. Will not be repurchasing this.
Ted Baker Body Scrub is the last of this month's empties.  This is a thick scrub and I love the smell of the Ted Baker range. It is a good scrub, but I prefer the soap & glory ones, so I don't think I will buy this again.


  1. exactly, time flies! I cant believe it half of the year neither:/ great products!:) I'd love to try Clarins Beauty Flash Balm!♥

  2. It really is lovely. It's worth trying xx

  3. great blog post , i must do a post on items ive emptied some time !im a new follower , id love if you checked out my blog too:)x