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Friday, 3 January 2014

#No Buy January - Beginings of a Stash.

 Here we are a few days into #No Buy January. I have already seen some of the post other bloggers have put up, and I have quite enjoyed having a snoop through other people's stashes. Now it's my turn to come clean and reveal some of my collection. This is by no means everything. This is just some of the things that were closest to hand.

 Of course some of these have been recently received as Christmas gifts, but not all of them. Quite a few items have come with my beauty box subscriptions.

         I have to be honest and say a lot of these I have bought with my own money.

                                        I did say I owned enough products to beautify a city.


  1. Good luck with the ban! You've got some lovely items to use. Look forward to your reviews x

    1. Thank you. I certainly have enough for one or two posts here.

  2. You have some lovely goodies in that stash! Love the Bodhi you have good taste :) Xx

  3. Thanks the Bodhi were Christmas pressies. I have wanted to try Bodhi for so long.