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Thursday, 6 June 2013

May 2013 Empties

The end of the month always brings the collection of products used in that particular month. They have always been something I have enjoyed reading on other people's beauty blogs. After all how can you really be sure of a product if it has only been tested a few times. I feel this is especially true of facial skincare products, which seem great to begin with but then break you out a week down the line.
First off is Ted Baker's body soufflé and bath foam. This was part of a Christmas gift set and I love these products. The fragrance is quite sweet, so perhaps not to everyone's taste. The body soufflé was very moisturising, even on my dry skin. My skin felt moisturised all day and I could still smell the fragrance at the end of the day . The bath foam  I wasn't quite so impressed with. Obviously I liked the fragrance but felt that the bubbles didn't last very long.
I have lots of little samples knocking about and am slowly working my way through them, Natio's gentle foaming cleanser was a fairly decent sample of 50mls. It took me just over a week to get through this and will be buying the full size. This is a very gentle cleanser. Although it doesn't lather up as much as others, it didn't leave my skin feeling tight. It definitely made my skin look brighter too.
Clinique liquid facial soap has been a staple product for the past year. I love it. Doesn't dry my skin, lathers well, lasts for ages and generally does what it says on the bottle.
Clarins hand and nail treatment and foot beauty treatment cream are also old favourites. These two are again from a Christmas set. They are both lovely thick creams, that are easily absorbed without being too heavy or greasy.
Finally onto hair care. I have finally finished Aussie's 3 minute miracle luscious long deep treatment. I have to say I was hoping for more with this one. I can't say I was knocked down with the results. It was okay, but nothing special. I was hoping that something especially for long hair would do more for my split ends, sadly this was not the case. Usually I get the 3 minute miracle reconstruction and this is what I will be going back to.
I must confess that I don't really like hairspray. I find the smell so overpowering that it usually puts me off. Having said that Loreal's Elnett is the one hairspray I tend to have stashed away. I do like the hold this gives, and that it is always easy to brush out. Just wish the smell wasn't so strong.

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