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Saturday, 29 August 2015

FOM Antioxidant Facial Mask.

I love a good face mask, especially if it is a multi-purpose one. The Antioxidant Facial Mask by FOM fits the bill perfectly. FOM London skincare are a relatively new brand, that aim to bridge the gap between science and skincare. Their products are free from parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours and fragrances and are not tested on our animal friends. I have tried quite a few of their products and am impressed by the quality of them.
The Antioxidant Facial Mask comes in a generous 50g jar, making it very good value for money. The mask itself is a very fine powder. It has a faint herbal smell to it. The ingredients list is relatively simple, dead sea mud, chamomile, lavender, vitamin C, rosehip and olive leaf. Full ingredients are disclosed on the website and can be seen in the link above.
 A teaspoon of the powder is all that is needed per application, you simply need to add a little liquid to make a paste. I really like these kind of masks, as they literally become the starting point for endless combinations. Anything from toner, to facial oil, honey to yoghurt can be used, depending on your mood or need. It is suitable for all skin types.
The mask can either be used as a scrub, by leaving on for a few minutes, or as a mask by leaving on for 10-15minutes. Either way, I have found this to be very gentle and effective. Fom do warn that there may be some tingling whilst using the mask, or a little redness after, but I have experienced neither of these. I can't say that I have noticed a reduction in fine lines, but it definitely boosts my skin's overall appearance. It always looks brighter and feels much softer each time I use this. I would happily buy this again.


  1. I really like FOM, Zaga makes very effective products, I will have to give this one a go! :) Xx

  2. I am sure you would love it Ana. They used to sell samples but I can't see them on the website anymore x

  3. I've tried the Hair Oil and love it - this also looks like a worthwhile purchase x

  4. I really like the hair serum too x