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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Love Lula February 2014 Box.


                  Today my Love Lula box came. Here are my initial thoughts on what I got.

Sachet samples of Pure Harmony Cleanser, cream, serum, and mask by MyChelle. These are geared towards sensitive skin. This is a new brand to me, so I am happy to give it a go. I think I would have preferred a larger sample of one product though.

A 15ml sample of Glam Glow Youthmud Face Mask. There is a huge amount of hype around this product and it has won numerous awards. I am very curious to find out what it is really like. It's good to be able to try out products that ordinarily I wouldn't be able to justify the price tag.

 A 50ml sample of Dr Bronner's Rose Magic Soap. I really like Dr Bronner's magic soaps, they are so gentle. This is the perfect size to take to work with me.

 Eos Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet (full size). Eos Lip Balms are well loved by beauty bloggers and I am yet to try one. I am really pleased to finally have one. It smells lovely, like strawberry chewits.

 Overall I am happy with my box. I am not completely blown away by it but there are some good staple products that I will get a lot of use from, and a real high end treat to try.

                                                        What did you think to this box?


  1. You definitely got some lovely products, but I can see why in general people haven't been blown away by this box x

  2. It's definitely swings and round abouts with the beauty boxes x

  3. I wasn't wowed by this box unfortunately. I miss the full sizes when it was Amarya x

  4. That's a shame. I only had a couple of boxes before the change over x

  5. It's not the most exciting of boxes but I'm sure you will still enjoy the samples, Dr Bronner's is always a good one to have :-)

  6. Dr Bronner is always good to have around x