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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Three Face Masks To Restore Your Inner Glow.

                                            Three Face Masks To Restore Your Inner Glow.
 Winter is probably the time of year when most of us are upping our skin care regimes. The combination of cold weather, and central heating is not the kindest to our skins. It can leave the skin dry and looking drab and dreary. With that in mind I though I would share 3 of my favourite masks for restoring radiance.

 My first choice is Balance Me Radiance Face Mask. This is a good all round multi-tasker. It contains rosemary, palma rosa, lavender and roman chamomile, kaolin clay and ground walnut shells. Apply to clean skin, using circular movements, leave for 5 minutes and then wash off.

I love the smell of this. Despite it's exfoliating properties I find it really gentle to use, the ground walnut shells do not feel harsh at all. I haven't experienced any tightness on my skin at all, which is sometimes an issue for me with kaolin clay. This is perfect for a mid week pick me up and always makes my skin look brighter. This can of course be used as a face wash.

You can find it here

 These Collagen Mask Pack's by Naisture contain 5 paper masks that you simply unfold and apply to your face and leave for 10 -15 minutes. These are packed with moisturising ingredients including vegetable and marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, shea butter and jojoba oil. This is a lovely rich mask and it feels very soothing on the skin. Perfect for days when my skin feels wind chapped, tight and sore. Any remaining mask can simply be massaged into the skin after.

 I like to apply this mask at the end of the day, to allow my skin to fully absorb all the ingredients overnight. The next day my skin feels lovely and soft, deeply hydrated and looks so much fresher. I think these masks are really good value for money as they are priced at £10 for 5. I like the paper mask application as is just so quick and easy, although you do look rather scary when wearing it.
                                                           They are available here

Pai's Rosehip Biogenerate Face Mask is part of a limited edition gift set which also contains the equally amazing Rosehip Regenerate Oil (Review coming soon). Pai are an organic skin care company (certified by the Soil Association) which produce products with those who have sensitive skin or are allergy prone specifically in mind.

As the name of the face mask implies it contains rosehip oil and shea butter amongst it's ingredients, and is suitable for vegans. This mask is a little different in that you apply a layer of the mask first, then soak a muslin cloth, squeeze it out and then apply the cloth to your layer of mask. Pai recommend leaving the mask on for 5-8 minutes and then removing with the muslin cloth.

Pai's Rosehip Biogenerate Face Mask is the most recent addition to my collection and I can't tell you how impressed I am with it. It is very rich and luxurious. It feels very comforting on the skin, especially on these horribly cold nights. The most important thing of course is the results. I can't believe how plumped this makes my skin look. It looks like I have been to have a facial all from the comfort of my own home. My skin looks clearer and brighter. Wonderful stuff, I just hope that Pai make this a permanent part of their range.

You can currently buy yours here


  1. You seem very enthousiast with the Pai face mask...only in limited edition though? may grab it now !