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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Inika Liquid Mineral Foundation.

Inika Liquid Mineral Foundation.

 As much as I love beauty products and own way too many things, there is always one thing that I really struggle with. That thorn in my side is foundation. It is just so hard to get right. Being on the pale side a lot of products are simply too dark, or just completely the wrong skin tone. Either too yellow, or make me look ghostly pale.

 Then comes coverage. I find a lot of foundations too heavy. I want my skin to be able to breathe, and I don't like looking like I am wearing a huge amount of makeup. Consequently I rarely wear foundation, and own only one or two samples.

 The foundation I do really like is by Inika. It is their Liquid Mineral Foundation. Inika describe themselves as a luxury natural cosmetic brand, who use only natural mineral, oils and butters in their products. Liquid Mineral Foundation is certified organic and comes in four shades.

 The shade I have is cream and is the lightest of the shades. I have found it to be a really good match for my skin tone. I love the natural finish it gives and how healthy it makes my skin look. It really doesn't feel like I am wearing anything on my skin, and most importantly my skin my still breathe. It covers most imperfections well. Although it doesn't hide my dark under eye circles completely, it covers them well enough for me not to feel self conscious about them. I am really pleased with the wear time of this foundation too, it stays put for the whole day, and this has served me well for several all day and night weddings.

Inika are currently selling 6ml samples of their foundation for £1 (not including postage) and you all know how much I love a site that has sample sized products.
You can find them here

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  1. I really like this - it was one of the first natural liquid foundations I tried and I love it for good skin days to give it a boost :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves