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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Green Beauty Characters Tag.

                                                   Green Beauty Characters Tag.    

  A few weeks ago I was tagged by the lovely Chrissy at herban adventures to do the Green Beauty Characters Tag. If  you aren't already following Chrissy, her blog is well worth a read. I am especially jealous of Homegrown Collective Subscription Box.

 This tag  was initially created by Sonja at Life In Blush, another green beauty blogger worth looking into.

So without further ado .....

1). On my nightstand you'll find:-
 My kindle. I love to read especially before bed. I like a good thriller, I am far too cynical to like anything too mushy.
There is always hand cream of some description. You have been warned on numerous occasions how obsessed I am with hand cream.
Cotton gloves to help make the most of my hand cream.
Lip balm.
Bedside lamp, house phone and alarm clock/docking station for ipod.

2). The Literary Character I am most like (via quiz found here )

                                         File:William shakespeares romeo and juliet movie poster.jpg

According to the quiz I am most like Juliet from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. This made me laugh. I am a grumpy devil, I don't consider myself to be overly romantic. However, most of us want our happy ever after, and I am certainly strong minded.

3). I am Currently Obsessed With:-
I would have to say beauty box subscriptions. I love trying new things.

4. My Favourite Super Hero is:-

                                              robin hood photo: Robin Hood Robin_Hood.jpg

 I am not quite sure if Robin Hood is classed as a super hero or not, but I admire the notion of standing up for those less fortunate than ourselves. There is a lot of inequality in our society, and whilst I don't advocate outright robbery, more needs to be done to address that inequality. Sherwood Forest (the home of Robin Hood) is not a million miles from me too.

5). Favourite Beauty Product of 2013:-
This is such a hard one to decide, but after much pondering I have decided upon my trusty old Konjac Sponge. It really has made such a difference to my skin care routine.

6). If I could have Dinner with anyone Dead or Alive it would be:-
This has taken me ages to decide upon, and my answer is Slash (guitarist). As a teenager Guns N Roses were my favourite band, and I still love their music today. I certainly think it would make for an interesting conversation.

7). Winter is Coming - How do you Prep your Skin for Battle?:-
By  layering products, serums under a day cream, an oil under a night cream. I definitely look for richer formulas, as well as balms and oils.

8). My Perfect Date Night Make-up Consists of:-
Much as I love beauty products, I never feel comfortable with a huge amount of make up on my face. I love liquid eyeliner to create a cat eye and lashings of mascara, a little blusher and a red lip and I am good to go.

9). My Go-To Skin-Beautifying Snack/Drink is:-
I have such a sweet tooth, it is my biggest weakness. I love a smoothie made with fresh fruit.

10). My tv boyfriend is:-
I am going to be a party pooper and pass on this one. I have been married for 11 years and this feels a little disrespectful to my husband.

11). If my Evening Clutch could only hold one Beauty item it would be:-
Easy one this, red lipstick. Without a shadow of a doubt.

12). One Beauty Tip I would pass on to my daughter is:-
Be yourself and be comfortable with who you are. It might sound a cliché but beauty comes from within. There is far too much pressure on children, to look a certain way, be a certain size. It is no wonder rates of eating disorders, stress and anxiety are sky rocketing in our children.

13). The Most Nostalgic Item from my Childhood is:-
I have a little Goldilocks and the three bears night lamp from being a child. When my daughter was tiny, she had it in her room too.

14). My Favourite TV show of the Moment is:-
                                    File:Game of Thrones title card.jpg                                                 
 I loved reading the books and I am really pleased to see the series is in keeping with the original books. It really annoys me when a book is adapted for TV and then they change the story completely. Why bother?

15). My Favourite Quote is:-
It is better to regret something you did rather than regret something you didn't do. Life is precious and you only get one shot at it. You can only try and give it your best shot. You may not always get it right, but it is better than being left with "what ifs".

               House Rules
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 * Title your post as I have done.
 * Mention the tag started by Life In Blush.

  Have you done this fun tag yet. If not, I tag you x


  1. This is great! I loved reading all your answers and learning more about you. Slash would be a fantastic dinner guest. I bet he has a zillion interesting stories to tell. I am also very excited you are a Game of Thrones fan. I am eagerly awaiting the next Season and book!!! :)

  2. Thanks Chrissy. I can't wait for the next book either. Hope it is going to be soon x

  3. I took the Literary Character quiz and I'm Hermione! I thought I would have have been Luna Lovegood, but Hermione is good too :)

  4. I have a soft spot for Hermione. I didn't expect to be Juliet either x

  5. Loved reading through your answers Karen! I've read Slash's autobiography... having him for a dinner guest would definitely make for interesting conversation! (I'm also a big Guns N Roses fan). I agree with you about your beauty tips for your daughter, beauty should be seen from the inside out, there's way too much pressure on kids these days x

  6. His autobiography certainly isn't for the faint hearted. It makes me sad how much pressure there is on children.