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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Oxygen Purifying Honey Masque

                                                        Oxygen Purifying Honey Masque
When I saw this sample of Oxygen Purifying Honey Masque in September's Love Lula box I was really very pleased. Who doesn't love a spot of pampering, and a face mask is the perfect product to use in a spot of me time. If you fancy having a look at what else came in September's box you can see it here
Oxygen is a natural skincare company based in New Zealand. Their products contain
 only natural ingredients found in plants and essential oils. They are free from parabens or mineral oils.
I have used this mask one a week since September's box arrived, so a review is a little overdue. The main ingredient in the Purifying Honey Masque is their local Nelson active Manuka honey. This has anti- bacterial and anti- inflammatory properties as well as being highly moisturising.
I expected this to be quite thick in texture, but it is a fairly runny consistency. I have been pleasantly surprised at how little product you need to use, so the first thing I would say is that if you bought the full size it would last forever. With the main ingredient being Manuka honey, it does obviously smell of honey and has a light golden colour. I haven't found the fragrance overpowering though. Because the masque is slightly runny it applies very easily and dries to transparent film, which is easily washed away.
I found the masque comfortable to wear, it doesn't feel tight or tingly. and for me this has been a very welcome burst of moisture once a week. It leaves my skin feeling really soft, nicely rehydrated and generally looking healthier. I have really enjoyed using this masque and will be sad when I finally do finish the product.
You can buy the full size for £19.95 here

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  1. I really like this masque too and had tried it before in a previous Amarya box x