Saturday, 18 July 2015

Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Serum

Balm Balm are one of my favourite brands. I think they produce really high quality products, with great ingredients at a very affordable price point. I have been using their Little Miracle Rosehip Serum for a couple of months and thought it time to share my thoughts.
For me, a serum is an essential part of my skin care regime. I am a big fan of products that are Rosehip based, as my skin tends to respond positively to them. I wanted something a little lighter for Summer, and this fits the bill perfectly.
Little Miracle Rosehip Serum, has a fairly simple ingredient list. In fact this is true of all the Balm Balm products. The serum is made with Rosehip, Jojoba and Borage oils, giving it a lovely light texture. For my dry skin this is great for Summer, but would work well for oilier skin types over Winter. It also contains Frankincense, Juniper, Palm Rosa, Rose Geranium and Mandarin, giving it a lovely, almost exotic fragrance.
I find that a little goes a long way, and that the serum absorbs really easily. I have been enjoying using this in the mornings. I also find it really good as a cuticle oil and a little works wonders as a hair serum. I think this is such good value for money, especially as I can use it for several purposes.


  1. I love Balm Balm for great quality and affordable prices, Sandra also said she loved this one so I will have to give it a go. Xx

  2. I am sure you would love it and it really is so affordable x

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  4. I really must try Balm Balm soon.

  5. I'm a big rosehip oil fan too. I do especially like the Trilogy one. Rose really suits my skin. I've currently got a very angry spot on my upper chest - just what you want at this time of year when more skin is on display from wearing lowish-cut t-shirts and shirts! I popped the Dr Organic Rose clay mask on it last night, left it overnight, and by this morning the spot had almost disappeared! I'm loving the simple ingredients list here in this Balm Balm formula - less to upset our skin! Tx