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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

AS.AP Little Box of Indulgence

I first tried a sample of AS.AP's cleansing oil last year and was very impressed with it. I have had my eye on the Little Box of Indulgence for quite some time. AS.AP was founded by Amanda Saurin. The small bespoke range is very much a labour of love, where ingredients are grown, distilled and produced. They even go as far as to give each product it's own Batch Report Card. Full ingredients lists for all products can be found on the website. AS.AP is undoubtedly a very luxurious brand, but we all have times when we want to use something special.
Cleansing Oil #5 is a very gentle and effective cleansing oil and would suit all skin types. I find it to have the most subtle fragrance of all the products, it is somewhere between a floral and a herby fragrance. It has a very nourishing base of borage, calendula and rosehip oils, but also include jojoba oil to regulate sebum production and castor oil to get a really good deep cleanse. A few drops is really all that is needed to cleanse the face. The Little Box of Indulgence also includes a mini cleansing cloth which is hand crocheted by a friend. I think this is such a lovely touch, and really embodies the values of AS.AP. I have to confess I couldn't bear to use, my daughter had no reservations and stole it as soon as she could. 
Face Cream #3 is a rich facial cream, with a sweeter muskier fragrance. I loved the combination of rose, cedarwood, citrus and benzoin. This is ideal for dry or mature skin. For those with oiler or younger skins it perhaps wouldn't be quite the right product, but my skin loved it. Only a small amount of product is needed. It absorbs well. I obviously can't comment on the long term benefits on the skin, but I was very happy with my skin when using this.
Lip Balm #6 has a lovely subtle fragrance that is a little like a chocolate orange. The balance is just right as it is not sickly in the slightest. It contains Cocoa butter, beeswax, honey and avocado oil, so obviously not suitable for vegans. This is a firm balm, that holds it's texture in the pot. Some of my lip balms have not faired so well in the heat, but this hasn't melted on me. The texture is beautiful, it glides onto the lips. It feels very light, but banishes any dry spots
Body Butter #6 is more like a balm than a butter. It's base of shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil make it a very nourishing without being heavy. It melts very easily on contact with the skin. It's super concentrated formula allows a little to go a long way. The fragrance is initially lavender based, but I find that it settles into something a little more woody after a while. The Body Butter is gorgeous, and has left my skin so soft afterwards. I am rationing this as I really don't want to finish it.

This is a truly luxurious taster set, I have enjoyed using all the products. If pushed, I would say that the face cream and the body moisturiser have been my absolute favourites. Next on my to try list are the Aromatic Waters.


  1. Lovely review Karen. I've got my eye on the body butter. Gorgeous little set. Felt sorry for you re the little cloth as it's so sweet x

  2. I am sure you would love them Sandra. Nothing is sacred when the kids are about x

  3. awwh! I've tried the fab cleansing oil & lip balm x

  4. This brand is definitely on my radar!