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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

JoggBox November 2014.

I have eagerly been awaiting the delivery of my JoggBox since I had the despatch email over the weekend. I think that this month's box is my favourite so far, and is really good value for money too.
There are a selection of energy gels and electrolyte tablets by High5. The energy gels I will pass to a friend as I would much rather take a little packet of Haribos on a longer run, but I like the electrolyte tablets.
Rude Health Drinking Oats. I have heard of Rude Health but not actually tried any of their products. These oats have been steamed and rolled to make then dissolve in drinks, and can be added to anything from coconut water to fruit juice. I am looking forward to experimenting with these.
Battle Oats Dark Choc Chip is a flapjack bar which is high in protein. I love flapjack. This gets added points for also containing chocolate. I am very pleased to have this included.
Beet It Pro Elite Beetroot & Oat Flapjack. We have had one of the Beet It Sport Shot's in a previous box, and I quite like it. It had a very distinctive taste, so I am curious to see how these compare. 
2 sachets of  Halo Non Bio Sports Wash. Again this has featured in a previous box, but I am happy to see it make a return. This is specifically designed for washing sportswear and in particular neutralising odours. It is very effective, and I will go on to buy a full size version of this.
The item I am most excited about is of course the FlipBelt. This retails for around £25, so this alone more than covers the cost of this months box. I have looked at these on numerous occasions, but never quite taken the plunge. This lightweight belt is perfect for securely carrying keys, phones, etc whilst running. JoggBox gave us the option of choosing the colour we wanted, which I think is a nice touch. I am looking forward to trying it out at my 10K this weekend.
JoggBox have also included a recipe for Carrot and Ginger Soup with Quinoa and a few running exercises. I am very happy with November's box.  


  1. Wow, 10K! Impressed. Hope it goes well. I don't think this box is one for me at the moment, but I enjoy seeing the contents. :) x

  2. There are so many boxes about, there is something for every interest x