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Friday, 21 November 2014

Hedgerow Herbals Orange Bath Melt

Hedgerow Herbals Orange Bath Melt is a little treat that came in my The Vegan Kind Beauty box a while ago. One square added to a bath is all that is needed to make a truly pampering experience. 

Hedgerow Herbals produce a small range of candles and bath products, using simple natural ingredients at very affordable prices. The bath melt consists of just four ingredients;- organic cocoa butter, sodium bicarbonate and essential oils of vanilla and orange.

The fragrance is sweet and citrusy. The vanilla adds a little warmth without being overpower. I sometimes find that when too much vanilla is added to something it can give me a headache, but this hasn't been a problem with the bath melt.

As with any bath melt it does make the tub a little slippery, so you do need to be a little careful getting out. I was really impressed at how moisturising this is, and how soft it made my skin. This would make a lovely and inexpensive stocking filler. 


  1. I love bath melts. I know what you mean about them making the bath a bit slippery but it's the oils in them that make skin so soft. The citrus oils in this sound glorious. I'm not so keen on orange (or lemon for that matter) in skincare but I love citrus in body products, especially bath ones. Tx

    1. It's worth the slippery bath for the soft skin it gives x

  2. Sounds like something I'd love! x