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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

May 2014 Books.

                                                               Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?

 Obviously I chose this as I am a huge fan of Aerosmith and their music. I have to say I really struggled with this book. Much as the Aerosmoith fan in me wanted to love it, I just couldn't get in to it.  Have you ever watched an interview with Steven Tyler? I find it hard to keep up with his thought process. Does The Noise In My Head Bother You is written in the same way. He begins a tale, but then drifts off to something else, and then off in another direction. I couldn't quite grasp what he was trying to get across and it was lost on me. Such a shame as he has had such an interesting life, and that didn't come across as well as it should have done.

                                                              It's So Easy: And Other Lies

 In sharp contrast, It's So Easy and Other Lies by Duff McKagan is incredibly well written and I really enjoyed this. There are plenty of tales to be told, but Duff doesn't glorify all the drugs, alcohol or excess that other rock stars do. It covers his experiences, both good and bad. This isn't your average tale of the rock star who has blown it all. This is very much the story of a man who has achieved a huge amount, who has turned his life around. He comes across as a man who is very self aware and acknowledges the experiences that have made him the man he is. A large proportion of this centres around the music, but Duff is so much more than that. This book shows him to be warm, funny, determined and articulate.        
                                                             Nine Lives (Sam Archer #1)
  Nine Lives by Tom Barber is another book I have really enjoyed reading this month. I chose this after a recommendation from a book group. I do tend to gravitate towards Crime and Thriller genre's, and this is very much my kind of book. Nine Lives is set in London, around New Year's Eve and is based on the Armed Response Unit's race against time to prevent a series of terrorist attacks. I thought it had some good twists and turns, was well written and fast paced.
                                                          The Getaway (Sam Archer, #2)

 The Getaway is Tom Barber's second book. This sees Sam Archer going to New York for the funeral of his estranged father. Whilst searching for answers to the murder of his father, Sam is drawn into a group responsible for a number of highly successful bank robberies. Are they responsible for the death of his father or is Sam being played. Another good read. I like Tom Barber's style of writing and I will definitely be reading more from him.


  1. Interesting selection Karen. I'm a big Aerosmith fan too. I've not read any Tom Barber but these sound right up my street - thanks for sharing x

  2. These sound interesting! It's been a while since I read a music related book and I love Aerosmith (who doesn't?!) so I'll have to check that one out :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves