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Thursday, 8 May 2014

April Books

Here are the books I got through in April. I have to say I don't feel as though I have had much reading time last month. I am now slightly behind in my Goodreads challenge.
                                                                The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood

 I have always been interested in aromatherapy. When I day dream of changing jobs I think this is the kind of path I would choose. The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood was recommended to me on twitter by Ali from Tea & Lavender This is a pretty comprehensive book about aromatherapy and it's uses. It has a sections according to symptoms rather than being an A-Z of oils, and caters for all age groups. This is a really useful reference book and is something I will come back to time and time again

                                                               Aromatherapy Workbook by Shirley Price

Aromatherapy Workbook A complete Guide To Understanding and Using Essential Oils by Shirley Price is another really useful reference book. This focuses a little more on the history and chemistry of aromatherapy. It does contain information about the properties of essential oils and a helpful section on massage technique. This is another book I will refer back to regularly.

                                                               Ravage by Iain Rob Wright

Ravage by Iain Rob Wright is not the type of book I would usually go for, as I not much of a zombie fan. The story is based on a few that are lucky enough not to be affected by the release of virus and their struggle to find a place of safety and survive.

                                                                Savage by Iain Rob Wright

Savage is the follow on book, and the one I enjoyed the most. It becomes apparent that the original characters were not the only ones to escape with their lives. There are several large ships at sea packed with those who managed to get out. The survivors find the barely alive victim of a shooting and bring him back to the pier. This attracts a whole lot more attention than they bargained for as the victim stands accused of attempting to blow up the man credited with the mass rescue. Their refusal to hand over the victim sees them in even more peril and facing a different battle. Is the man behind the rescue of so many people genuinely a hero, or does he have a completely different agenda.

 Overall I really enjoyed these book, even though they are not my usual genre. Although to some extent they were fairly predictable, there were some nice twists and turns and I found the characters engaging. I would certainly look to read more from Iain Rob Wright.


  1. I think I will have to read the last two books although I usually prefer shape shifters myself.

    1. I am more of a crime thriller and fantasy girl myself. Good to try something different once in a while.

  2. The Fragrant Pharmacy sounds like a good buy and useful to have around, off to have a look :) x