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Monday, 12 May 2014

A Beautiful World S/S 2014 Samples Box

As many of you will undoubtedly know last Thursday saw the release of A Beautiful World S/S sample box. Priced at £20 (+£3.95 postage), this was a selection of samples and some full sized products. I have to say I knew they would sell quickly, but I was still taken aback by just how quickly they went. My box arrived safe and sound and very quickly on Saturday morning.
Here is what came in my box.
A full size Bee Venom Face Mask by Nature's Beauty. Although I have used products with bee venom in before, I have more recently taken a closer look at how Bee Venom is obtained and for that reason I will give this to a friend.
A sample of Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow which is a natural fake tan. It smells lovely in the bottle, but the proof is in the application (and I am certainly not the best at applying fake tan). I am looking forward to giving this a whirl, it would be lovely to have some colour in my very pasty skin.
A 10ml sample of Light Facial Emulsion by The Body Deli which promises to moisturise and neutralise blemishes. I look forward to trying this as this feels a very exciting brand.
A full size MU London White Chocolate Elbow, Knee and Heel Cream. This has been on my wish list for ages and I am thrilled to finally get my mitts on it. It leaves the skin oh so very soft.
A Naisture Collagen Mask Pack. I have used these before and love them. Very pleased to receive another.
A sample of Bee Yummy Skin Food. I have heard so many good things about this and can't wait to try it myself,
A sample of Marble & Milkweed Spring Tonic Facial Serum which sounds very luxurious and a tea sample (not pictured) which has been claimed by Mum.
The final item is a Tili Bag which is a very useful zip lock bag which would protect your makeup bag from spillages.
I am pleased with the contents of my box, there are lots of brands featured that I have wanted to try and I will use the vast majority of this box. I hope there will be another one come Autumn.


  1. I was so excited for this! I am quite pleased I got a Dahliana product instead of the Bee Venom as I don't agree with using bee venom for vanity!! The A/W one comes out in October :)

  2. I loved my box such fabulous value x

  3. They are amazing value for money. Can't wait for the next x

  4. I use honey and Royal Jelly but not fussed on the idea of Bee venom either so I was happy I didn't get that option in my box, I loved mine, great value and all products I will use :) Xx

    1. I only recently realised how it is obtained, makes me feel uncomfortable x

  5. I just missed out on this thanks to sleeping through my alarm but the products sounds gorgeous. Looking forward to reading your reviews x

  6. What a shame Annie. I didn't think they would sell out quite so fast x