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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Think Dirty Mobile App.

                                             Think Dirty Mobile App.                                                                   

  One of the things I find most frustrating about beauty products is reading and understanding the list of ingredients. It feels like a minefield sometimes, whereby clever marketing is used to hide a multitude of sins. What is advertised as being "natural" "organic" or "healthy" often isn't anywhere near as clean as manufacturers would have us believe.

                       (These images are not my own and have been taken from the App store)

                                                         iPhone Screenshot 1                                                                       
                                                         iPhone Screenshot 2      

  The clever people at Think Dirty have developed an app for the iphone which is available from the App Store in iTunes store for free. The Think Dirty app contains a data base of 12,000 products and allows you to scan barcodes of personal care items in the store and analyse the ingredients. It then rates the product using information sourced from science, environmental and government organizations. Once it has determined whether a product is dirty or clean, it will recommend alternatives. If you can't find a product in the database, you can add it by entering the product name and taking a picture of the back label.

 Unfortunately I no longer have an iphone as I changed it to a Samsung Galaxy, so I can't try this product for you. Despite not being able to try this for myself I thought a few of you might be interested in it, and was worth sharing it on that merit alone. If you do download it please let me know what you think to it.

 You can find the app here or find out more information here


  1. Too bad this isn't on Android. I'll try to find maybe there's another one like it for Android users.

  2. Thah's what I was hoping Dawn, am sure there must be something for Android users :)