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Friday, 8 November 2013

Bare Skin Beauty Clarifying Beauty Balm

                                               Bare Skin Beauty Clarifying Beauty Balm.

 A few weeks ago Juliette from Bare Skin Beauty was kind enough to send me a selection of products from her skin foods range. After asking my skin type and skin concerns she very generously sent me a try me and love me skin food kit, which contains samples of her Clarifying beauty balm, Antioxidant firming toner, Blissful youth cream, Illuminating eye gel and a bamboo cleansing pad.

 Skinfood is a range which uses raw bio-active, nutrient rich super food, which have all been ethically sourced. The range harnesses a range of natural ingredients which stimulate skin cells to regenerate more quickly, help to eliminate toxins, improve circulation and maintain the plumpness of collagen. It goes without saying that these products do not contain parabens, mineral oils, artificial colouring, or bulking agents.

 It is very clear from the Bare Skin Beauty website just how passionate they are about skin care and helping you find the right product for your skin type. These products are clearly made with love and have been a real pleasure to use. I plan to review them individually, to do them their full justice.

 The first product is the Clarifying Beauty Balm, which is a wonderfully rich cleansing balm. I have been applying a small amount to dry skin and then using the wet bamboo cleansing pad to clean away. I have been using this morning and night

 The Clarifying Beauty Balm includes a rich combination of shea and cocoa butter as well as carefully selected essential oils.  From the photo you can see it has a slightly grainy appearance, but in texture the balm is incredibly smooth. It very quickly melts into the skin, it smells amazing and is easily removed with the bamboo pad.

 This leaves my skin feeling very pampered. It is a very effective cleanser, but it does not leave the skin feeling tight or dry. My skin just feels cleansed and healthy, and it looks noticeably healthier too. I have genuinely loved using the clarifying beauty balm.

          The website is and really is worth looking at.


  1. That balm looks lovely! I love anything with shea butter in, it just looks like it would smell good, I like that you have a little bamboo pad too. x

  2. I am a big fan of shea butter too. The bamboo pad is lovely and soft x

  3. Such a lovely looking brand and the bamboo pads look interesting too, I have the serum and it is a joy to use, can't wait to try more :) x