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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Empties November 2015

I have finally got around to November's Empties. I don't seem to have had a spare minute lately. I am sure everybody feels like this at this time of year.
Elemental Herbology Facial Detox is a lovely gentle mask. I enjoyed using this but much prefer their Facial Glow Radiance Peel so would buy that instead.
Indie Lee COQ-10 Toner. I got a couple of uses from the vial. I though it was nice but wasn't blown away by it, so probably wouldn't buy the full size.
Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil on the other hand I loved, and the full size is on my wishlist.
Can you tell I am steadily working my way through my Beautiful World box yet? I was also very impressed with my sample of Get It On body wash by Plant. I loved the fragrance and definitely want to try more from the brand.
One Love Organics Skin Saviour. This is one of my all time favourite cleansing balms. It also makes a very good facial mask. I have a couple of the sample pots of this.
Neals Yard Remedies White Tea Facial Mist. This is another product that I loved and would happily buy a replacement for.
Oskia Bedtime Beauty Boost. I really wanted to like this as everyone seems to rave over it. It didn't love me. I don't know quite what, but something irritates my skin. I haven't finished this, but have given it up as a bad job.
Ila pure Relaxation Bath Soak. I loved this. It is so calming. I have already bought a replacement.
Caudalie Divine Oil. I really liked how soft this left my skin, but found the fragrance overpowering. I won't be repurchasing this.
Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash. These crop up pretty regularly in my Empties posts. I really like these and will continue to repurchase.


  1. Oh Karen, I've still not posted my Nov empties. I haven't even started writing it yet! Dec, terribly busy month, absolutely. I share a few favourites here, the Balance Me and the ila in partic. I do though really love the Caudalie oil fragrance. I think it so similar to the Nuxe one which I also really like. Tx

    1. There's just so much going on isn't there. The caudalie reminds me on nuxe too, but I find that a bit overpowering x

  2. Get it on has been my fav Plant scent - I've also tried two others. It's the only one I'd buy. Love the ila bath soak and would buy FS x

    1. I quite fancy trying their facial oils and would quite like to try the Ila mini set x

    2. The face oil I tried for norm/comb skin types I just loved and would buy.