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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Souksouk Pamper Boutique Box

I made the decision to stop my SoukSouk subscription last month, and regretted it when I saw the contents of the last box. When I saw the email for their special edition boxes I couldn't resist the Pamper Boutique Box. This is a great mixture of makeup, hair and skincare. A lot of these products I have received in previous boxes, but are products that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I do hope that SoukSouk will do more of these boxes in the future and would like to see them selling the samples individually so you could build your own green box.
Firstly I must apologise as this photo should include a pair of eyelash curlers, but I was too lazy to take all my photos again. Four of the items (including the eyelash curlers are by the French brand Avril. Their products are certified by Ecocert and are refreshingly affordable. The mascara is one of the best natural ones I have tried. I am not too fussed on the chocolate shade nail polish, but really like the blue one.
Black eyeliner is a staple product for me. I have acquired quite a few of the these by Inika from various boxes, but would happily buy them anyway. They apply well and last.
A full size lipstick by Xenca in the shade Candy. I have a couple of their lipsticks and love the shades I have, but this unfortunately is not my colour.
A sample of FOM Revitalising Hair Serum. I really like this and bought the full size a while ago. I will use this for travel.
Travel sized Shampoo and Conditioner by Bentley Organics which smell lovely. The full sizes of these are reasonably priced, so I am hoping these work for me.
The Vitamin E and Grapefruit Lipbalm by Lucy's Lotion is enormous and utterly delicious. This is a firm favourite.
Inner Soul Organics Romance Me Skin Oil. I haven't tried this particular fragrance, but it smells wonderful. I am looking forward to using this.
SpaRitual Handprint Serum this is a lovely and fresh hand serum. I like this a lot.
Mungo Murphys Nourishing Seaweed Mask I won't say too much about this as I have a review planned in the next week or so.
Nourish Skincare Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser is fantastic as either a scrub or a mask, this is such an effective product.
AS.AP Cleansing Oil, Lip Balm and Cleansing Cloth. These were part of last month's SoukSouk box and were the products that I was kicking myself for missing. I definitely want to try more from this brand. 
I had some SoukSouk seeds to use, which are SoukSouk's loyalty points. Redeeming 200 points gets you an extra treat, and what a generous treat I was sent.
Samples of Kris D'Amour Soothing Body Oil and Body Butter. I have tried a few of Kris D'Amour products, but not this particular line, and have liked them a lot. Looking forward to seeing how these compare.
The final item is a full sized Age Resist Moisturiser by Skin Blossom. Organic skin care certified by the soil association for led than £10. Yes please! I have used this previously and have been very impressed with it. I have a couple of other Skin Blossom products on the go at the moment, so am a big fan of the brand.


  1. Well, this is a BUNCH of lovely products!! I am actually only familiar with ASAP, it's a really nice brand, I am testing a few of their products at the moment and going to write about them very soon. Enjoy all this beauty heaven!:)

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

    1. Lucky you. Which products are you testing? I look forward to your review :)

  2. Wow, what a wonderful box!<3 Enjoy all these goodies, I wish I had them too :) xx

    1. Thanks Jana. So much for using up my stash lol x

  3. It's a great box and I'm glad you caved! I'm keeping some of mine for travel and some to use right now x

  4. what a fab box! You got so many treats :) I look forward to your thoughts on the products xx

  5. Brilliant selection! I like that they are doing these sorts of compilation boxes :) I would have been most excited about the Avril mascara (loved it first time around) and the FOM serum (after your rave review). Look forward to hearing what you think about the AS.AP prods too ~ lots of people seem to like them x