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Friday, 5 September 2014

JoggBox September 2014

Yesterday my JoggBox came and I thought I would share my thoughts on the contents.
 There is a nice mixture of reading material, things to nibble and items of clothing. JoggBox is available as a monthly subscription of £15 (+£3 p&p) or as a one of purchase of £20.
There is a nice selection of snacks, drinks and gels. My box contains:-
Smashing Strawberry (by Urban Fruit) 35g 
2 Energy gels by Body Volt
2 Hydrate Plus sachets by Elivar
2 Moringa tea bags by Miracle Tree
Nut Mix 40g by Acti-Snack
Chia Seed Flapjack (80g) by Chia Charge
I really like the samples of fruit and nuts. I am looking forward to trying the flapjack. I follow Chia Charge on Twitter and haven't yet bought anything from them. I like adding chia seeds to porridge and smoothies and who doesn't love flapjack. The hydration sachets I am happy to try. The teabags were in the first box and are very nice, but I probably wouldn't buy them. The only thing I am not so sure about is the energy gels. I haven't had much success with the ones I have tried previously. I find them quite messy to use, and I got stomach cramps after. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I notice that the packaging is designed so that when opened the tube has a narrower opening, so hopefully this would make it easier to use.
The clothing items that came are a pair of JoggBox laces and a pair of Kymira socks. The laces have knots that collapse so I am interested to see how these will work. The Kymira socks I am very intrigued by. They claim to have developed fabric which harnesses the wearer's energy and convert it into infared. When I first read this I was a little baffled by the statement. From what I can gather, it is designed to reduce pain, balance body temperature and increase body temperature. This should reduce fatigue and swelling, aid muscle healing and recovery and improve circulation. I am looking forward to putting these to the test, anything that helps with my poor circulation can only be a good thing. 
The final item is a copy of Running Fitness. I am really pleased to see a magazine included in this month's box. I have had a quick flick through, and there are lots of articles which will help me. I am looking forward to having a proper read of this. There is also a coupon for £5 off a £20 spend in the JoggBox shop. At the moment I probably won't use it. The shop feels like it is under development, and there isn't that much available just yet.
Overall I am pretty pleased with this month's box. Everything will be used, apart from maybe the energy gels. I would like to see JoggBox developing their online community, but this will come with time. A JoggBox tech shirt would also be a welcome addition to a future box, as would nutrition tips and recipes generally.

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