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Tuesday, 23 September 2014


If you use instagram you have probably seen the #beautychallenge10. If you search the hashtag there are quite a few bloggers doing it. This challenge is to use up 10 full size products before purchasing anything else. Here is my round up of what I got through. 
Dr Organic Pomegranite Deodorant is a lovely, gentle deodorant. It works well, smells nice and doesn't irritate my skin. I already have a back up of this.
Bee Good Honey & Propolis 2 in 1 Cream Cleanser was an absolute joy to use. I am very sad to have finished this cleanser and will definitely buy this again.
Nourish Skincare Protect Smoothing Hand cream is very light, but very moisturising. I love the bright and cheerful citrus fragrance. Hand creams are probably my most hoarded products, but this is on the wish list to buy again.
I have Charlie to from Sophia's Choice  to thank for introducing me to  Bloom Remedies Caramel Lip Balm. The first lip balm I have ever finished. I loved this.
Sweet Cecilys Coconut Body Butter is the perfect Summer fragrance. This is very moisturising and need only be used sparingly. This tub lasted ages. I love the quirky packaging, Have lots of body lotions and oils to use, but will happily repurchase at a later date.
Daily Revive Organic Moisturiser by Bloom Remedies suited my dry skin perfectly. I have another one of these to use. Bloom Remedies is certainly a brand I want to try more from.
Dr Hauschka is another favourite brand and I have loved pretty much everything I have tried by them. The Rose Nuturing Bath Essence is perfect for a bit of girly pampering. I have the almond bath essence to try next. 
There isn't much to say about Dr Bronner's Magic Soaps other than I love them. The are just so gentle on the skin. I have several back ups ready to go, and will purchase again when they run out.
White Rabbits Skin care Lime & Coconut Cleansing Water was an absolute pleasure to use. I adored the lime fragrance. It really is a very good cleanser and costs only £4. Another brand I want to explore further in the future.
Bodhi and Birch Rosemary Chi Bath and shower therapy is another pampering bathing product. I love it's calming fragrance and find a good unisex product. This is a favourite to use when feeling anxious and stressed. It always helps me to feel grounded again. Bodhi and Birch are one of my favourite brands and I made the most of their sales recently and so have quite a few of their products stashed.
I have really enjoyed taking part in this challenge. I have allowed myself a couple of treat purchases, but intend to carry on with the challenge. This has reminded me how many things I do have, so would like to use another 20 products before I buy anything else - although I plan on continuing my box subscriptions.


  1. Some really lovely products there that you have finished. So glad you enjoyed the Bloom Remedies Lip Balm and also that you finished it as they go on for a long time :) I really want to try the Bee Good Honey Cleanser. All the reviews I've read praise it highly. Are you going to do 10 more items now? xx

    1. Thank you so much for introducing me to Bloom Remedies. I am sure you will love the Bee Good cleanser. I am planning to do another 20 products x

  2. I love the B&B shower therapies...I used up one in the challenge & love it! Almost got through another too :) well done for getting through it so quickly! x

    1. Thanks Amber, although you are way ahead of me. I have been amongst some very good company doing this challenge x

  3. Lovely lot of goodies you've got through there Karen and this is a great challenge. I am particularly loving the Bee Good cleanser that you chose for me in our beauty swap and agree this is definitely one to repurchase x