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Sunday, 13 April 2014

March Books

I am so late with this post, after completely forgetting about February's books too. Oh well, better late than never. All images have been taken from Goodreads website  
                                                                     My Sister's Keeper

My Sister's Keeper by Bill Benners is the story of a brother (Richard) and sister (Martha) who is left disabled after being brutally attacked. Richard acts as Martha's legs in her search for finding the person responsible for her attack. Ultimately Richard becomes dependent on Martha when he is set up murder. Although this has lots of twists and turns it's extremely far fetched. It was an average read.


I enjoyed 48 Hours by J Jackson Bentley a lot more. The main character Josh receives a text from Bob demanding £250 000 to be paid up in the next 48 hours or else he will die. Josh soon realises the threat is serious when he is attacked and someone else is murdered. The hunt is on to catch the blackmailer.


Hushabye by Celina Grace is a good old whodunit. Baby Charlie is kidnapped and his nanny is murdered in his wealthy parents house. The case is being led by newly appointed DS Kate Redman, and this brings up things in her own past she would rather not revisit. I thought this was well written and enjoyed this one the most.



  1. Great list, I might give 48 hours a go - sounds really interesting x

  2. Are you on goodreads? Would love to friend you! x