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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Love Lula beauty Box April 2014.

 This month I am a little late with my Love Lula beauty box. Firstly I would like to thank Love Lula for sorting it out for  me, after a cock up with my paypal account. I can honestly say their customer care is first rate. Onto the contents ...
The first two items are 5ml sachets of Sante shower gel in coconut dream and Bio-Goji & Lemon. I have heard of Sante before but am yet to try anything by the brand. Their products are very affordably priced too.

 A 2ml sachet of Jane Iredale's Glow Time BB Cream. This is another brand that I am yet to try, but am looking forward to doing so. Very pleased to see a sample of this in my box.

A full size Figs & Rouge Mocha Orange Lipbalm. I have a hand cream in this fragrance and really like it. My daughter has laid claim to this, so I won't be getting a look in.

A full size Une Kohl eye liner in black. I am really impressed with this eyeliner, it is the perfect consistency. It applies nicely and is very long wearing. I haven't tried anything by Une before, but I think I will be buying more in the future.

The final product is the one I am most excited about. A 50ml sample of Ren Rosa Centifolia Express Makeup Remover. This is a very generous sample size and will allow me to really test the product. I have loved everything I have tried by Ren so have very high expectations for this.

Overall I am very pleased with this box. Although I am familiar with all the brands it is nice to get the opportunity to try these products. Everything in this month's box will get used, even if my daughter is helping me out.


  1. Lovely samples. Would be excited about the Ren cleanser too :-))!x

  2. Oh no I had just made up my mind to go with Soux Soux box but now im torn again with the Love Lula box! Great products :)

    1. I can't choose between them so subscribeto both x

  3. Great box, would love to see your reviews for some of the items, especially Jane Iredale as I'm always curious about their makeup items x

  4. I will be reviewing it shortly. Their makeup looks beautiful x