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Monday, 2 November 2015

Empties October 2015

October is a much more satisfying month in terms of Empties, especially as there are a few full sizes in there too. 
Bodhi & Birch crop up pretty regularly in my Empties posts. Mint The Bath & Shower Therapy is so refreshing and is brilliant either in hotter weather or after exercise. I will buy this again.
Initially I liked the fragrance of John Masters Organics Geranium & Grapefruit Body Milk, but somehow this reacted with my skin and just didn't suit me. I won't repurchase this.,
Balmology are a brand I have wanted to try for ages. Although I liked the sample of Exotic Rose Beauty Oil I wasn't blown away by it. I have other oils that I feel give me better results so wouldn't buy the full size.
My second Bodhi & Birch product is their Flora Paridiso De-Stress Massage Oil. I absolutely love this. I think it is probably my favourite product from them. I already have back ups of this. 
I reviewed John Masters Lavender & Rosemary Shampoo earlier in the month and really liked it. Would possibly buy again.
I have quite a soft spot for Skin Blossom. Their products are so affordable. Whilst I wasn't hugely keen on the fragrance of the Facial Toner I think it performed well and was perfect to use when mixing face masks. I would happily buy this again.
Balm Balm is another favourite brand. I reviewed their Little Miracle Rosehip Serum a while back and loved it. Balm Balm consistently prove that you can buy product with high quality ingredients and not spend a fortune. The only thing I would want to change is for it to have a pump applicator as I managed to break the pipette. Would buy this again.
I also reviewed Valia's Purifying Face Wash fairly recently and again was very impressed with it. It doesn't seem to be very easy to get hold of in the UK.
I am so sad to have finished my Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm. It is one of the best cleansers I have tried. It is fantastic value for money and lasts ages. I really want to buy this again but I must use some of my other cleansers up first.
Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream is another product my skin loved. I will undoubtedly buy more from Balance Me in the future.
Suki Tinted Active Moisturiser was simply too dark for my skin tone. This just wasn't for me.
I loved the effect Green People Age-Defy Tinted DD Moisturiser gave my skin, and I think this is one of the best tinted moisturisers I have tried. I perhaps wouldn't buy the full size as I just wouldn't use it often enough, but will happily pick up the samples from Naturisimo.
Funny Bee Pretty BB Cream on the other hand is the worst. It has a horrible waxy texture and looks so patchy. I washed it straight off. It's not often I say I hated a product but I am afraid this is the case here.
I really enjoyed JMO Spearmint & Meadowsweet Scalp Stimulating Shampoo but felt I had better results from the Lavender/Rosemary shampoo. 


  1. Huge B&B fan. I'm just trying the balmology sample and I'm enjoying it x

    1. It is nice, but I prefer their balms x

  2. Some great empties - almost look like you took them out of my bin!!! Haha! :-) We both have great taste obviously ;-) Rach xx

  3. Of course. Great taste indeed :-)

  4. You always get through loads! Love Bodhi & Birch products too and Lyonsleaf - Vicky has set up a discount code for my readers - you can use code AMBER to get 15% off on their website, when you've used up more of your cleansers ;) (I don't make any money off this btw) xx