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Monday, 6 October 2014

JoggBox October 2014

It really doesn't seem two minutes since my last Joggbox came, so I was pleasantly surprised to find October's waiting for me when at the end of last week.
The first item is Joggbox's own brand iphone arm band. This isn't quite big enough to fit my Samsung S5 in, but my old iphone I use for running does fit nicely. The strap on fits me well. I have found some arm bands have way too big a strap for me, that I can't get to fasten because the Velcro is in the wrong place. I like that it also has a slot to secure a key into. For me this is a good addition to the box and will certainly be used. 

Body Glide (12.8g) I am pleased to see that this ant-chaffing cream is free from petroleum and parabans. It comes in a handy roll on stick applicator. I like that it is fragrance free and doesn't feel heavy or greasy. I have already tried this out and am pleased at how well it works. It leaves a film on the skin, so doesn't feel like you have any product on your skin.

KT Tape FastPack contains 3 pre cut tapes, which can be applied to treat common sports injuries. This is another really useful product to try and will be a great standby to keep in my running first aid kit.
A sample of Elivar Endure. I really liked the samples of Hydrate we received in last month's box so am pleased to be able to try more of their products. This is specifically designed for the over 35s and contain slow burning carbohydrates, high in protein and lower glycaemic index sugars. Whilst this isn't a cheap product to buy it is very good, so look forward to trying this.

2 Push Passionfruit Energy Gels. So far I haven't had much success with Energy gels. I have found them a bit messy and they gave me stomach cramps. Maybe I haven't found the right ones for me. Will give them a go.
 Clearspring Miso Soup. I am really pleased to see that this is an organic product. Nice to have a savoury product included in the box, and something which is quick and easy to cook.

2 Frank Food Snack Bars I have tried this a few times before and really like them. They are high in fibre and gave slow release carbohydrates. Most importantly they taste pretty good. I like that you can buy single bars from Asda.

Pulsin Vanilla Choc Chip Bar is another product I have tried before and liked. I also really like Pulsin's protein powders.

A new addition to the box this month is a card with a recipe for a black bean salad and some running tips. There is a chance of winning a double box by sending in a recipe or tip. I think it's great to see Joggbox becoming more interactive with it's subscribers and look forward to seeing it's community grow.


  1. These boxes seem to have a good mix of products and I like the idea of including a recipe card x

  2. I think this is my favourite box so far x