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Friday, 8 August 2014


This week seems to have been very long one. I was very pleased to find my The Vegan Kind box waiting for me when I got home. I am very pleased with this month's box. It's a nice mixture of tasty treats and useful products, and will make use of everything in the box.
The first item is Living Naturally Soapnut Tabs (20 washes). I have used soap nuts in the past and been impressed with their cleaning power. They coped really well when my twins were weaning, so I am looking forward to trying these. This is enough for a couple of weeks use (there are 5 of us).
An 8g packet of Nothing But These are freeze dried vegetables. There are 3 variety to choose from, mine being Mange tout and red pepper. It's nice to have a savoury snack included.
A 75g pack of strawberry Freedom Mallows. I know these have been feautured in a previous box, but what's not to love about marshmallows. These certainly won't be hanging around for long.
A 30g bag of  Sweet and Salty Propercorn. I love this pocorn. Unfortunately so do the kids, so this will have to be shared. Again this won't survive the night.
A Pulsin Protein bar. I had one of these recently in my running box and they are pretty tasty. Since my JoggBox came I have also tried some of the protein powder by Pulsin and really like it. I am happy to have another bar, they are a good size to carry for after my run.
The bonus item is a Fuelled by Compassion wrist band, which is a nice talking point to raise awareness of cruelty free.


  1. Great box! Sopanut powder is such a good detergent x

  2. It's not hugely expensive either. These are like those capsules you put in the machine. I will be replacing these when they run out x

  3. The 'Nothing But' sounds delicious. I like crisp alternatives.

  4. Crisps are my weakness, so it's very good to have a healthier alternative x