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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bee Yummy Skin Food

I have been enjoying trying all the samples I received in my beauty box from A Beautiful World. The next of my product reviews is the sample of Bee Yummy Skin Food. I have been using this at night time, and sadly I have now finished this sample up.  
Bee Yummy skin food is made from Wildflower Honey, Honey Cappings, Bee Pollen, Propolis, St. John’s Wort Oil, Royal Jelly, Purified Water, and Balsam Fir Needles. It is a raw product which has been hand harvested and is free from preservatives.
Bee Yummy Skin Food is a thick and luxurious cream, which can either be used as a moisturiser or as a rejuvenating treatment. It is packed full of nutrients, and has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Bee Yummy can be used to treat burn and wounds as well as blemishes, eczema and psoriasis to name but a few. A multi-purpose product always earns extra brownie points, and this is at home in either the first aid kit or the bathroom cabinet.
As I said a little earlier I had been enjoying this as my night cream. Despite being a very rich and thick cream, it never felt heavy on my skin. I found it absorbed quickly, and was very moisturising. I loved how healthy it made my skin look. This is definitely one of my favourite samples from my beauty box and the full size is firmly on my wish list.


  1. I love this (and so does hubby) x

  2. It really lovely. I think it's a catch 22 when the hubby likes your products x

  3. I missed out on the ABW box - grr! This sounds lovely, I think my skin would love those ingredients x

  4. I've never heard of this product but thick creams are a favourite of mine. My skin needs the richness these days. I could also do with a healing salve. I've just rubbed the skin on my shoulder from carrying heavy shopping this morning. I don't subscribe to any beauty boxes right now but I'm thinking I prob should (I'm drowning in product but never mind, lol!). Which box do you rate the most? Tx

    1. Ouch that sounds really sore. My favourite box is definitely my SoukSouk box. It depends what sort of products you like x

  5. That is the cutest little pot, adorable packaging and sounds like a top quality product, ideal to keep with you - just in case!

    Katrina |

  6. Interesting reading this Karen. I received this too, but haven't wanted to use it as my skin doesn't like most heavy creams. Perhaps I should give it a go..x

  7. It might be worth trying at night time x