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Sunday, 30 March 2014

March 2014 Empties

 I seem to have used a lot of products I have been using for a while this month. I feel quite pleased that I have managed to use up a good few full sizes and some of my stash from my beauty box subscriptions. I almost feel like I am cheating when it's mostly samples I have used up. 


My first product is Herbfarmacy's Mallow Beauty Balm (15g) This was included in my November Love Lula box and I have used this lovely little serum daily until it finished mid March. Smells wonderful, highly moisturising and has been a saviour over Winter. I do already have a back up of this, but I think I will save it for cooler months. I am very impressed with Herbfarmacy and look forward to trying more of their products.
Balance Me Radiance Face Mask (75g) can either be used as a face mask or as an exfoliating facew wash. I prefer it as a face mask. I love how bright and smooth it left my skin, and would happily buy again.

Skin Blossom Age Resist face moisturiser (50ml) came in my December SoukSouk box. As you can see the writing has completely come off the product. This is my only fault with the product, as the moisturiser itself is lovely. Definitely one for dryer complexions, again really good over Winter. This is a really affordable product and I will try other products by them in the future.
Peppy Galore Diva Cleansing Oil (75ml) is another product from December's SoukSouk box. Intended for sensitive skins, this worked really nicely on my dry skin. It has a lovely vanilla fragrance and it just so gentle and nourishing. Would buy the full size.
Dr Alkaitis Night Cream (3ml) I was a bit underwhelmed by this. Obviously it was only a small sample so can't vouch for it's long term effects. I thought it was OK, just nothing special. For that price I would wasn't something special.

AD Skin Synergy Nourishing Night Treatment (5ml) was from December's Love Lula box I thought this was a lovely light facial oil and enjoyed using it at the time. I don't think I would buy the full size as there are other oils I like better (Bodhi Dessert Rose I am looking at you).

Bodhi Palmarosa verde showergel (200ml) I loved this. Very indulgent, worth every penny. Have already stocked up on other fragrances to try.
BareSkin Beauty Soothing Body Butter was sent to me to try and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This jar lasted nearly two months of daily use. Loved how soft and smooth it left my skin. There are lots of products I want to try from this website.

Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo and Conditioner (50mls) were from October's Souksouk box  These smell absolutely amazing. They are very gentle, so if you have a sensitive scalp I would imagine these would be grate for you. The shampoo left my hair lovely, soft and shiny, but it wasn't strong enough to control my greasy mane. I ended up using it on my daughter's hair with much better success. The conditioner I loved, but I don't know if I want to spend that much money on hair products.

Roques Oneil Therapie Himalyan Detox Salts (100g) have been on my wishlist forever. I made a cheeky little ebay purchase after Sandra from Beauty Balm kindly sent me some to try. I love these and will be buying the full size in the future.

I have finished two products by Weleda this month. The first is Skin Food (75mls). I absolutely love this as a hand cream. I already have a replacement lined up. The second is a 10ml sample of the Seabuckthorn body oil. It has a sweeter and lighter fragrance than the skin food. I have the hand cream in this as I was lucky enough to win a giveaway on twitter by Weleda and will be buying more when this runs out.
Dr Bronners Magic Soap in Peppermint (237ml) I love these and have a couple more stashed away. They smell great, last ages and are super gentle. Can be used for so many different things.
Lastly, a 50ml sample of Neom Organics Complete Bliss hand cream. For me, as someone who has problems with my hands, this is what I would call a good hand day cream. It is very light and absorbs quickly. I do love the smell, and have a couple of other samples to use up. I wouldn't buy the full size as usually I need something that is more moisturising, but am enjoying using the samples up.


  1. I love empties posts! Thanks for the review. I've seen Bodhi around and I've been curious about it.

  2. Lovely post - I agree with the Intelligents comment, and the Dr Alkaitis. I loved the scent of those creams, but I don't think I'd ever spend that much on them unless they did some crazy magic to my skin! :) x

    1. They are definitely on the pricey side x

  3. Love the products! I want to try Bodhi product so bad!

  4. Lots of lovely products! I really like everything I've tried so far from Peppy Galore, and the Diva Cleansing Oil is definitely going to be my next purchase now :) x

    1. They certainly have some lovely products. I am sure you will love the Diva x

  5. Great empties and thanks for the mention! Definitely some there I will buy again and again x

  6. You are welcome, very kind of you to send me some x